Talk Nerdy To Me

Daily Candy is launching a contest, “Get With the Programmer-Talk Nerdy to Me” in time for the Valentine season. I love this idea! Previously, I wrote about how geeks and nerds are worth it, originating from a Craigslist post so I’m not trying to discriminate here but I think they’re underrated. Maybe it’s because I’m a geek too 😉

Get with the Programmer

Daily Candy humorously asserts: “We’re accepting nominations for the Don Juan of the Database. Do you know a worthy Gigabyte Gigolo?” To nominate your “RAMcake,” they have an easy form to fill out and they will announce the finalists on February 4th for interactive voting, then the winner will be displayed on Friday, February 13th. I will also note that the winner (and the nominator) will win an HP Mini 1000 XP edition series netbook with an upgraded 60 GB hard drive. Follow to nominate your RAMcake.

Nathan, a Talk Nerdy To Me nominee

It’s time to rev your hard drives.

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