2013 October 9
by Grace Boyle

At the end of September through early October, I went back to Italy for 10 days with my family. It was glorious, gluttonous and at times, a typical family vacation with all of us yelling and getting lost. Mamma mia.

This was the longest vacation I’ve taken in a long time (sad). The villa we stayed at, on a small working vineyard in Greve, Tuscany didn’t have wireless so we were really unplugged. Occasionally at a restaurant we would visit we had quick wireless, but I didn’t check email and didn’t do a lick of work.

Tuscan Countryside

On the way there, we had a long layover in France and we got to hang out with Lindsey and Cedric in Paris for the day! Lindsey and I have known each other for years on our blogs and had never met before. We were extremely sleep deprived and disheveled from our previous red eye connecting flight, but Paris put a nice glow on things (except our tired outfits/expressions) :)

In France!

I read 4 books (plus finished a fifth I was halfway done with). This is a sweet luxury to me. I love reading.

I slept 12 hours many a night (thanks jetlag).

I ate pasta, pizza and gelato daily. A lot of wine and espresso.

I spent every waking moment with my mom, dad, brother and James and we road tripped around Tuscany to various vineyards, restaurants, farms and little hillside towns to indulge and enjoy.

Tuscan Collage

I got to spend a day in Florence, the city I used to live in and found my old apartment and had a rush of memories flow back to me, six years later.

We packed in a lot. A lot. For that reason, I purposefully left a day in the middle of completely nothing.

It was glorious and as Italian dual-citizens, so great to all be back in the homeland. It’s good to take vacation. Well earned, well played, time well spent.

Family in Siena




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  • http://www.tracy-says.tumblr.com/ Tracy Schwartz

    Grace, looks like you had a wonderful vacation!! I am hoping to one day make it France! Well deserved!

  • http://graceboyle.com/ Grace Boyle

    Thank you Tracy :)