Rocky Mountain National Park

My first few weeks here have been filled with fresh explorations in which I am wide eyed and exuberant about life. This would include: farmers market, finding the necessary hole in the wall coffee shop, staring at awe at the breathtaking mountains, exploring Boulder’s vibrant and eclectic culture, meeting new friends (and potential employers), and settling into my new abode. Amongst all the busyness, I have taken it upon myself to hike, hike, hike & take advantage of Boulder’s 300 days of sunshine per year weather.

A great family friend, Kimana who is now living in Boulder decided to accompany me and take a drive up to Estes, Colorado: Rocky Mountain National Park with her children, Johnny and Sara. There’s a lot of trails to choose from, so we picked one side of the mountain: Wild Basin. We picnicked and then began our hike where the trailhead began at 8,500 feet, so my elevation adjustment has begun! Lining the trail were beautiful cascading falls, and the aromatic smell of fresh air and pine was so delicious I wanted to capture it in my pocket to have with me always.

It was the first of many hikes I’ll be enjoying here. Enjoy the pictures…

Kimana, Sara and JohnnyCaught mid-jumpCalypso Cascade
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